Learning how to code is becoming very popular and in the near future, it is going to be a basic need to learn this skill. Also, it is a skill that helps you think and boosts your problem-solving capabilities. You definitely don’t need to have gone to college and studied computer science for a couple of years. It just requires interest and a motivation to start but that is not enough. With time you will realize that it is quite a long process that requires a lot of attention for it to grow to the degree of satisfaction and confidence. I took the time to highlight 5 tips on learning how to code that you should consider if this is a path you have been thinking of taking.

1. Do your research first

You are going to do most things on your own and therefore researching on what you want exactly is a priority. Google is going to be your best friend. Find out what coding and software development is all about. You will get informative articles from people sharing their experiences in the field which will help a lot. You are also going to figure out the best path to start on by gauging on different opinions you get. It will be even more helpful if you have a friend in the field. Talk to them about how they got to where they are and where they think it’s the best place to start. Starting out wrong might risk your will to continue so consider this a big decision. Programming languages to kickstart your learning is an example of articles you will bump into during your research. Understand why you want to learn, where to start from and when.

2. Schedule out hours for studyinG

Learning how to code is very much possible and as I said earlier on, you don’t need a college degree, just a state of mind. For it to work you need a plan of how to cover the topics that you have chosen to pursue.

A clear vision, backed by definite plans, give you tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power

~Brian Tracy

You might need to catch up on algorithms…. whoah! Hold up. That is way later don’t fret about it right now, but I promise you it will all make sense. There is so much to do and so much to learn and that means there needs to be enough time to study for all that. If this is your main focus right now, you can give it up to 8 hours a day then increase gradually. The more time you give it the more you are able to learn and the quicker you get to the goal. Divide your workload into portions such that you learn something before taking a break.

3. Discipline

You are bound to get bored of going through the same things over and over. You will feel like you need tea, coffee, a sandwich or to make a call to your girl/boyfriend but don’t. At least not all the time. It is a slippery slope and once you include distraction frequently they become part of your routine. This will slow you down to gaining the knowledge required. Remind yourself why you started and what is important then keep doing that. Keep yourself on toes.

We must all suffer one of two things; the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment   

~Jim Rohn

When you get stuck, don’t throw in the towel. There are hundreds of online communities that are more than willing to help e.g StackOverflow. Read and watch all kinds of materials at your disposal. Learn how to learn and fix errors. Repeat the process until you understand. You will begin to realize that the struggle weakens as you learn how to learn and fix things.

4. Get yourself a mentor

The learning curve is always huge when you are self-taught. This tip right here is essential if you want to flatten the curve a little bit. Getting mentors can be tricky at times but there are so many developers out there who are willing to answer a question or two. They owe you nothing but just have a big heart so if you find one, be grateful and learn as much as you can from them as you continue with your journey. Even if it is a remote mentor, reach out to them on social media platforms. You will be surprised at how much help you could obtain from them. Just keep your goals clear, your question precise, and to the point so that you don’t waste their time. It should be something you cannot find on Google.

5. Stick to one thing at a time

Things will get exciting and you will be tempted to jump from one thing to another. It is not an ideal study practice. Study one language, understand it first then you can move to something related. For example, if you chose web development, you will get acquainted with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. When you feel comfortable you can move to learn something like a JavaScript framework e.g Angular.

That’s it for 5 tips on learning how to code. Nothing is impossible if you have the determination to achieve it. Things will always make much more sense when you continue. Believe in yourself and take on the journey of self-development. You can do it. I hope this helps. If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask. Otherwise, happy learning!


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