Coding on Your Own: The Beginning of a Coding Journey

Real Web Development Challenges

Many say Web Development is difficult. Learning a new language, whether it is spoken or written, is always a challenge in itself. However, what many find to be a challenge is finding the time to study around a regular 9-5 job.

Many spend years in college. However, a college degree is not needed for Web Development. However, the example set for the next generation, and the inspiration  to other co-workers, friends, and family is worth every penny paid for education. For those that are learning on their own, libraries, coding websites and even Twitter are an advantage. The most important about doing anything in life, is to stick with it and be passionate about it. While time may be the biggest challenge when learning to code, retaining
passion for it is the second biggest. However, while it is healthy to
take a break for a few hours, a day, or even a week if that’s what a person truly needs, what
is most important is that they don’t put it off for very long. Like any new language, consistency is key.

Setting goals

When beginning to learn, set goals. Build a timeline.Be flexible, but also be disciplined. Setting a personal timeline, with milestones, helps in progression. Finding other people to discuss what is being learned also helps. Find meetups, utilize Twitter, Facebook, or other social media accounts to discuss topics related to coding. It really helps to feel a part of the community.

Successful Habits

It takes 6 weeks of doing something consistently to create a habit. Use the calendar on a personal device, make a chart, be accountable, and find success. The most important part to learning anything is to not give up!

The Contributor

Brianna Brown is a 10 year IT professional, currently achieving her dreams in Web
Development, a widowed mother and a devoted long-term girlfriend. She enjoys writing,
technology, movies, and theme parks. She currently resides on the west coast in the U.S.


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