How a Musician Wrote His First Line of Code

I’ve had a very musical background growing up and I love all things groovy, classic and loud.

I grew up in a very loud neighborhood where food vendors pushed sales of local food with loud indigenous music all night to keep their businesses running. Everything fascinating revolved around music and I believed music was the only profession I could make much impact in.

As time passed, I grew. I got involved with major players in the African Music Industry. Made a few contacts here and there, I figured I had nothing to lose if I explored. And given my musical background, a motivational factor for me was building something memorable that solved problems for both music and tech industry, simultaneously. As I networked and explored my options in tech, I was very impressed by the support system that was readily available to junior developers.

I spoke to a few other acquaintances and they had me start on the very basics of HTML and CSS. To enable me focus, I disabled both my Instagram and Twitter accounts only till I knew I needed them strategically. It really felt like I was starting a new life.

As I become more familiar with the opportunities and the technological advancements, my enthusiasm for code continued to develop. I signed up to freeCodeCamp, downloaded a few YouTube videos. On a chilly Saturday evening in Lagos, I wrote my first few lines of code on Notepad++. It was a thrilling experience and it has been very smooth so far.

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