How to Clone a Git Repository

A little piece for those that do not know how to clone a Git repo. Take your time, read it and follow the steps outlined in the article.

One can create a repository on GitHub by signing up. After sign up you click on the button “New Repository“.

Next, you give your project a name. Give your project a description. You choose if you want your project to be a Public repository or a Private repository. After that you initialize the repo with a README file. Then you click on “Create Repository“. Voila, your repo has been created.

Next, go to your local machine. If you don’t have Git installed on your system,  just go here, download it, and install. After installation, you decide on where you want your repo to be, but I will advise you keep it on your desktop so you can find it easily. On your desktop screen, right click on your mouse, then scroll down to “Git Bash here“, click that, then it takes you to the command window.

Next thing to do is to clone the repo to your local machine because you have it already online. Click the “Clone” button in your GitHub account and copy the URL to your command window that is already opened.

Next is to type git clone <the URL you copied> on your command window.

Hurray! You have cloned your online repo to your local machine. And now you can find on your local machine the folder you just cloned.


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